Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Trip to Pennslyvania

 Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Anyway, I'm excited to start posting again! My blog has been pretty vacant, sorry about that!
 When we all first arrived, we were very excited! We got all ready for the adventures we will soon have!
 So, we took a few photos upon arrival, which is always nessary.

 We didn't take ANY photos the first day, except for those 3(2?) But the next day, my adventures started!
 We decided to take a nice long walk outside. I couldn't wait, I knew I would be in for an awesome adventure!
 When we started walking, all I saw were DUCKS! Ducks, ducks, everywhere! Nothing new though, we have been to this hotel many, many times and we always looked forward to seeing these cute little ducks. Of course, near the end of the walk, we fed them by putting a quater in a machine, and it pours out with dried corn. They normally try to attack you to get the food! That's always alittle scary, but mostly funny!
 When I started posing, I knew this was going to be a long walk. I normally like them - except when I have to stop to pose for photos! It's very annoying -.-
 I always felt welcome there. These signs are everywhere. If you didn't realize, the hotel is a model steamboat. It doesn't got anywhere, but it has a little moat around the entire hotel, and it has "Decks" not floors. Below are the names of the floors:


Sun Deck

Observation Deck 

 They had really pretty weaping willow trees!

 Here I am posing next to the pond, it's a really pretty place. Relaxing too.
 They also have a small, but awesome fountain! You can see that behind me.
 Here is a closeup, I really like this one! It's one of my favorites from the trip!
 Here is the fountain again. You can also see the bridge in the background, it's also almost dollsized :)
 It's fun to look out at the green surrondings
 Here is on of those face-in-a-hole things! Of course I had my photo taken with these! I always say they are so fun.


 The "dollsized" bridge is a neat touch. I really liked posing on this.
 This is my current cover photo on my facebook, it's one of my favorites!
 See the ducks? That's not even CLOSE to half of them!
I also love this one. I like the flower too! It smelled really nice!
 I also posed on the white bench, It felt nice to sit for alittle bit too..
 I saw several of these on the trip
 BUM BUM! Here's the hotel! Nice, right?
 Here I am next to the flower baskets. You can see the weaping willow behind me too.
 You can see some more duckys here too!
 And more....

 Here is an overview: You can see the face-in-a-hole thing too.
 Here is the fire pit! I didn't fall, don't worry!
 I like this one too! I love this special pond. Its nice to look at, as always!

 There are tons of koi too!
 Lots of these signs around!

Goodbye Ducks! Goodbye P.A!