Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Clay State Park - Bryan's Field

Tonight, it was a chilly fall evening. Perfect weather for hiking! We didn't want to go very far, so we just went to White Clay, close and fun! Why is it called Bryan's Field? To be honest, I have zero clue
 There were so many pretty fields!

See that brown background? That's a tree! It was HUGE!

Corn Fields!

I saw deer on the way home! Can you see them?


Monday, September 24, 2012

My Trip to Turkey Point

 February 2012  Here is my travel album! It was tons of fun! I'm excited to come back soon!

 If you were wondering, yes, it was freezing near the water. Brrrrrrr!

I hope you enjoyed!


Maryland and the River Heights girls!

December 2011My last travel was to Maryland. Not far away from here, but it was one of the human's friends and they decided I could visit one last stop.
If you didn't know, I did doll swaps. Kind of like traveling, except they were friends of the humans, and we'd meet up and swap dolls! Most of her friends didn't have cameras/didn't upload them so most of my travels go undocumented.

While I was visiting, I got TONS of presents!

A SUPER cool sleeping bag, which I still have!

A super cute bag, which I still carry. (You can see my early christmas present playmobil toy in the corner)

A ADORABLE Hello Kitty toy, I just adore this little thing.

I loved playing with Kitty while I was there, she had a cool apartment. I really enjoyed it.

I liked my giant bed I got to climb on too!

Goodnight! It was fun while I was there!

Beach Trip! November 2011

 November 2011. Never seen before on my blog!
 At the beach I go to, lots of old bulidings and farms are near. Here is one, and I'm pretty sure it's so old, it's abandoned.
 This is and old, old building. Yep, your eyes are working correctly, it's purple. It's called a "Painted Lady" lots of buildings like these are around. Some are green, pink, orange, yellow, even red!
 Here is a dock we went too. I stayed in the car as I really didn't  want to take a dive in the river, as I would be ruined and float away. xD
This is always fun, it's the boating area! We like to drive around here and look at the giant boats that people keep here!

 Since we came to the beach just to ride around, we didn;t go onto the actual sand. But since it was November, the snow gates were put up.
 These two are from the same area,  it's pretty nice

Fall is here!

Fall is here!
How do I know that? Well, first the leaves are already starting to fall, the tempture is already down in the 60s which is SO cold!  I love fall. It's my favorite!
I recently moved downstairs! It's super dark, but i'm getting lighting up soonish. I got a new bed, and it's blue. I'll be sure to post photos when I get the lights up.
I'm also posting my old adventures!  Remember from my old blog? Well, they are coming back! I decided I needed to post them. I'll be sure to add the date of the adventures, so you know when they were posted!
Ok, i'm starting to post the adventures!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday in 3 days!

Woohoo! My Human's birthday is in 3 days! Can you believe that? I'll hopefully get some clothes or toys or something - I usually do. :)

On my Facebook page, I have been doing a daily hint for the new girl coming soon! I've been REALLY busy lately with classes starting last week, so I haven't posted a hint in about 5 days! Uh oh!
I hope to get back on track soon