Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowy Days and Thoughtful walks.

Salut là!  It is me, Violet. Yes, I am finally back! 

Today I got tired of moving my dorm, and everyone fussing over how good their new room looks, so I got a break and went outside. I threw on a bow shirt that I got for Christmas, some leggings, and some furry Ugg boots and ran outside. I saw the beautiful white snow, and it suddenly hit me. I remembered running outside as a small child, with a big heavy scarf and big clangy boots. I remember my père telling me how to build a snowman, and instructing me to first make a huge snow ball, then a medium sized one, then a smaller one. I remembered us going in the woods and finding sticks to make the arms, and raiding Mama's sewing kit for buttons that act as the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

 As a breeze blew my hair, I turned against it and shivered. I remembered I had forgotten to grab a jacket on the way out, Mama would have reminded me.  I hated United States winters, they where cold, ruthless, and bothersome. All the people cared about is if the roads would be clear enough to go to the mall. Not in Canada, or at least in my town. The whole town came outside to sled and build snowmen, make snow angels, and not have a care in world if the streets would be clear enough.
 I picked up a small bit of snow and threw it into the wind. It wasn't the same.
I kept walking and stopped near a tree. I realized that I was now pretty much freezing, and walked my way back to my dorm. I was sad and home sick, when it was supposed to be a fun and exciting snow adventure.
I had never been home sick before, I had left Canada because I was SICK of cold winters, snowing all the time, and the kids at school. My parents enrolled me in the specialty school I now go to, kind of like a college for Junior High to High schoolers. I was certain this would be the last holiday in America - At least for a year.

~Violet E.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Room - December 2012

Hi there. It's Marion, and I'd like to show you my room!

 Here is my bed, it's very old, but don't worry, it is still comfortable!
 It has beautiful flower detail.
 Next to my bed is my dresser. It hold my clothes.
 On top I have a potted flower,
 My special rubber duck all the way from France, and a glass of water.
 I also have a jewelry box, it's extremely special. My father made it in a woodshop class, then gave it to my mother as a gift when he was older, and when I left France, she passed it along to me.
 Next I have a 1930s wooden rolltop desk. I don't have my own computer, so I do my homework here.
 It's very beautiful.
Last is a decorative chair, it's wicker and ties my room in nicely I think. 
You might have realized that I am not the regular poster, Violet, but we have decided to share this blog! You'll be hearing more from me later.

Love, Marion

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Shorts!

 Today I received my long awaited custom shorts! I got them in about 10 days time - Which is great considering they are coming from Canada! J'adore  Canada, it's my home country!
 I went outside to get some photos of my new shorts, they are so cool!

 Notice the pattern pockets, and the embroidery. So much work must have been put in these!

Special thanks to Charlotte, the amazing creator of these.
Here's Charlotte's shop:
Here is the link to Charlotte's YouTube:

What's your dream outfit?

Monday, October 15, 2012

My spa day!

 Yestersday, I had a spa day! I was getting tired of being so boring and my hair being dirty, so Mama washed and curled my hair!

 The water felt super nice!
 AHH! My hair is all wrapped up, I felt like I was about to topple over, it was so heavy!
 Here it is combed and still wet, straight and boring.
 So here are my curlers!
 One  uncomfortable night sleep later, they come off!

 Ta - Da!
 I went outside to feel the wet ground, and the cool temptures. Fall is wonderful!

Thanks for reading! <3

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanking my followers.

As a thank you to all my followers, I will be listing all of you:

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Thank you again to all my followers, it's greatly appreciated. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Clay State Park - Bryan's Field

Tonight, it was a chilly fall evening. Perfect weather for hiking! We didn't want to go very far, so we just went to White Clay, close and fun! Why is it called Bryan's Field? To be honest, I have zero clue
 There were so many pretty fields!

See that brown background? That's a tree! It was HUGE!

Corn Fields!

I saw deer on the way home! Can you see them?