This is Me

  • Full Name: Violet  Boudreau
  • Doll Type: JLY 25 (I Like Your Style meet outfit)
  • Birthday:  November 3
  • Name Meaning -
  • Violet - Purple/blue flower
  • Boudreau - the descendent of Boudon (armed messenger).
  • Nationality: Monegasque, the word for a person native to Monaco.

  • Best Friends: Marion Duval, Cécile Beaumont, Océane Martin, Auguste Martin, Capucine Rousseau (Monegasque/Monacoian/French/Italian) Atara Banks, Gaia De Luca, Chaya Melandore, Malka Bellamare, Rena Spektor, Lourdes Ciccone (American)
  • Descended from: 
  • Hometown:  Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • Age: 16
  • Roommate: n/a
  • TV Show(s): none, really
  • Movie(s): Roman Holiday, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Object of My Affection
  • Actor/Actress:  Jennifer Aniston, Audrey Hepburn
  • Music:  All American pop artists!!!!
  • Hobbies:  Studying plants, studying American pop culture, learning new makeup techniques...
  • Mother: Audrey Océane Boudreau
  • Father: Christophe Boudreau
  • Sibling(s): n/a
  • Pet(s): n/a
  • Religious Beliefs?  Half Jewish, half Roman Catholic. Celebrates both.
  • Countries Lived In: Italy, Monaco, America
  • Languages Spoken: French, English, tiny bit of Italian (about 4 words total)
  • Email: n/a

    1. OOOOO I LOVE Harry Potter too!!
      -Br♥♥klyn (MEG's doll)

    2. hey Violet!!! My name is Emily and I am also a jly 25. I came home on December 25 2006, so we're not that far apart in age. I am the oldest of 6 girls and I love your blog. It's exciting to see girls who look exactly like me (like you and Sohpie) have blogs. Keep on doing what you do. Hopefully we will meet someday.