Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not Just Another Saturday

 This morning, I got up and went through my regular routine. But this evening I decided to break my normal Saturday afternoon routine and go to my local cafe. I went in and was seated right away at a green metal table next to the window - yes - I got my favorite seat! Hey,  I thought today might not be so bad after all.  
My waitress was Joanie, a good friend of mine who lives in dorm 7, near mine. She works at the cafe as a hostess and waitress - sometimes both.  Eli was normally the hostess, but she went back to Massachusetts for Christmas.  
I decided I wasn't that hungry, so I ordered a slice of cake. She happily took my order saying it was a slow day. 

 She came back in a few minutes with my wonderful looking cake.
"Yum!" I exclaimed when I saw it on the silver platter Joanie was carrying.
 She delivered it and said "Enjoy!" with a polite smile. I happily dug into my cake - Yes, it was as good as it looks!  I was actually feeling a little less homesick, I guess keeping myself busy helped keep my mind off of Canada.  I heard the door bells jingle as someone walked inside.
"Table for one, please" the girl said.  I had a rush of shock run inside me - it can't be. I thought.
 I spun around in my chair  - Curly hair, Blue eyes, Freckles, soft sweet voice with a heavy French accent... It was.
"LACEY!" I yelled, maybe a bit too loud. She looked up startled that someone knew her name. She saw me and walked straight towards me.
  "tu me manques, Violet" Lacey said. "Tu me manques trop" I said. 
 "How.. How.. Ho-" I sputtered.
"How did I get here? Well, I was missing you so much, I had to leave.  I just had to. My parents enrolled me part time in your school, and I knew I would be coming after Christmas. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was coming." Lacey explained
 We both took a seat - Excited to catch up.
 "So, how have you been doing?"
 "Okay, seriously homesick.  I never thought I would miss it as much as I actually do.  I want to go home, but the plane tickets are just crazy expensive!" I told her.
 "That reminds me - I got you a gift."  Lacey open her zipper in her purse and took out a small piece of paper, stiff and straight, and handed it to me. "So, best friend, want to go home?"
 I slid the ticket closer to me. I was shocked.
 "Mon dieu! Merci! Merci!" I exclaimed.
 "Want to see my dorm?" I asked getting up.  "Of course!"
 When we opened the door to dorm #5, Lacey said " Wow. It's so pretty! Your Canadian posters are of course my favorite though"
 We promptly took a bunch of photos.

Who is your best friend? What does he/she look like?