Monday, September 24, 2012

Maryland and the River Heights girls!

December 2011My last travel was to Maryland. Not far away from here, but it was one of the human's friends and they decided I could visit one last stop.
If you didn't know, I did doll swaps. Kind of like traveling, except they were friends of the humans, and we'd meet up and swap dolls! Most of her friends didn't have cameras/didn't upload them so most of my travels go undocumented.

While I was visiting, I got TONS of presents!

A SUPER cool sleeping bag, which I still have!

A super cute bag, which I still carry. (You can see my early christmas present playmobil toy in the corner)

A ADORABLE Hello Kitty toy, I just adore this little thing.

I loved playing with Kitty while I was there, she had a cool apartment. I really enjoyed it.

I liked my giant bed I got to climb on too!

Goodnight! It was fun while I was there!

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