Monday, October 15, 2012

My spa day!

 Yestersday, I had a spa day! I was getting tired of being so boring and my hair being dirty, so Mama washed and curled my hair!

 The water felt super nice!
 AHH! My hair is all wrapped up, I felt like I was about to topple over, it was so heavy!
 Here it is combed and still wet, straight and boring.
 So here are my curlers!
 One  uncomfortable night sleep later, they come off!

 Ta - Da!
 I went outside to feel the wet ground, and the cool temptures. Fall is wonderful!

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Hi Violet,

    You look great! Don't you wish our hair had a little more natural wave to it? I get so envious of my friend Chiara. Her hair is so perfect!


    1. Yes, I would love for it to have some.
      I would love to curls all the time!


  2. Hello Violet,
    I really like your hair curly it suits you so well! Mother tries to curl my hair, but it's so thick that it doesn't hold very well. Some of my friends Maddie and Saige have such perfectly curly hair, and I get quite jealous of them sometimes! Although Mother has wavy hair, and she said that surely I don't want it because it is the worst pain ever when it frizzes up!