Monday, October 22, 2012

New Shorts!

 Today I received my long awaited custom shorts! I got them in about 10 days time - Which is great considering they are coming from Canada! J'adore  Canada, it's my home country!
 I went outside to get some photos of my new shorts, they are so cool!

 Notice the pattern pockets, and the embroidery. So much work must have been put in these!

Special thanks to Charlotte, the amazing creator of these.
Here's Charlotte's shop:
Here is the link to Charlotte's YouTube:

What's your dream outfit?


  1. Violet!

    I saw that you ordered the shorts. I am glad that they arrived so quickly. They suit you! I really like what you've paired with them, too.

    J'adore Charlotte! I'd love to order something from her shop someday. Her videos are too, too cool!

    My dream outfit is the Liberty Jane Military Blues outfit that Inky let me borrow once. I still love Liberty Jane Clothing so much. I'm glad I have a few pieces now - they are some of my favorites to wear.


  2. Hi! :) I love your blog!

    ~ Jess