Monday, March 25, 2013

Back Home

 Hi Everyone.
Since last time I left off I got plane tickets to come home to Canada, the plane ride was great and it was literally the most fun I've had in a long while waiting for what will happen once we touch down in Alberta. I called my Mama and Papa to tell them I was coming home for a while and to pick me up at the airport, so they happily agreed and met me at the airport lobby. I checked in through security with my passport and everything and it was a lot less terrible that I remembered. It HAD been a long time since I'd flown to Canada though.

When I got into the minivan, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was the same van we had since before I'd flown to America. Once we pulled into our driveway - My old one - I was told that my old room is going to be where I sleep and stay, they didn't say however that they had kept it the exact same since I had left.

When I walked in, I was shocked to see it the same. I thought they had probably turned it into a study or a sewing room by now, but I was definitely mistaken. Everything was the same, I guess I had cleaned up when I left because it was clean on the floors and nothing was on my bed, but everything had a thin layer of dust on it. I wiped it away off of my bedposts and remembered pretending to be a princess since it was a princess -like bed.
 I fell back onto the comfortable bed wondering why I had ever left, and thinking seriously if I'm actually going back to PeacefulValley School of Art. I closed my eyes and relaxed and actually almost fell into a deep sleep, I guess the plane ride and jet-lag was wearing down on me. I quickly woke myself up, though. I wanted to look around my old room a bit more.
 I got up and looked out the window down to the street on which we lived on - Lilac Lane. It was a quiet and pretty street with a park with a rather large fountain situated in the middle. Almost like a small town in a street.
 I noticed my desk had a green striped box on it with some paper peaking out, so I decided to go over and see what it was all about. I pushed off the dust, and moved back my chair, taking a seat at the same exact spot I did my homework years ago.
 I carefully opened the box, trying not to spill any valuable contents it may hold. I looked at the newspapers that were hanging out and realized quickly it was that old box that I kept my creative writing in back in the old days.
 I took out my Composition Book and looked at some random math problems and a old, kinda bad story written on the pages. It skipped around a lot and had little creativity, it actually looks like I took the idea from 'Alice and Wonderland'. What can I say? I was a odd child.
 I sat back and gently closed my eyes remembering some fond, and not so fond, memories from when I was sitting in this very seat. I laughed at some, and some made me cringe. Most of all, I felt happy and complete to be home and happy. I guess this is what I needed - Time away and time to spend with my family.
 I got up from my seat, and I carefully put everything back in the green striped box I used to be so fond of and closed it. I was happily thinking of what I could write next, I guess I'm going to get a creative writing piece done too!
I sat on my bed, thinking happily. This is just what I needed - Friends, Family, and most of all.


Yours Truly,
Violet E.

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