Monday, April 22, 2013

Guest Post By Marion!

Bonsoir, all! My name is Marion, and I'm doing a guest post on my good friend Violet's blog!

Anyway, as I said above, my name is Marion. I have 13 going on 14 years old, and my birthday is May 16th. My full name is Marion Silvia Cheremisinova, I'm part French (born in Strasbourg, France) part German, and part Russian. My mother is from France - Strasbourg just as I was! My father was born in Germany but as a young child moved to Moscow, Russia. He then came to France as a teenager for a business opportunity that wasn't available in Russia. This is where my mother and father met, and eventually married. When they got married my father had gathered enough money to send his mother father, sister brother and grandparents to live in a small apartment in France with him. I was born 5 years later, on a crisp spring morning in 1994.  My parents both got the job at a travel magazine to be travel writers - what they both have always dreamed of.  When I was 5, we set off to Sweden for my parents to review hotels, cafes, restaurants in Stockholm. I was lucky enough to go with them. The travel magazine company was elated with the article they had written, and sent them to Pisa, Italy to do the same. Eventually after a few more travels, they had become very well known writers and the magazine had grown immensely since they had started there. At this time,  they got their own section of the magazine. I was in it a lot, they often used me as a model of certain popular tourist attractions. By my 12th birthday, my parents decided I needed a more stable life, so they found PeacefulValley School Of Art. They told me about this, and I was so excited! I would finally be able to express myself in drama as I had always wanted to do. The school sent over a test forum, and I passed. I packed my bags that night, and bid a very sad farewell to my beloved parents. I left for America the next day. When I arrived, the students seemed excited to see a new student, apparently they haven't had a person from another country come for a long while.

At first I had trouble finding friends since my English was pretty lousy, but then I discovered a group of French speakers who actually understood what I had been trying to say. That group was consisted of Violet, Asia, Regina, and Victoria. Now Lacey, who is Violet's best friend joined the group since I had arrived. They really, really helped me grasp English and I swear they taught me more then the school's English program did. This group accepted me as I am, and I'm very proud to consider them some of my very best friends. 

One day, Violet mentioned that she had a blog. I got really excited about this, and she told me that I could guest post whenever I wanted to! Finally, today I decided to post! 

Recently, my teachers recommended I set up a Facebook page to further expand my English skills and meet some new online friends. I have since set one up. You can "like" me (American web designers sure are *creative*) at: My page!

Now I'm sure you are wondering what I look like, non? 

Yes, that is moi. Marion Silvia!
Tell me if you enjoyed this post and if you'd like me to guest post again!



  1. I liked your guest post:) Can you please let your friend violet know that we gave her this blog award:

  2. I loved your guest post Marion! You have such a pretty name. Please do another one!