Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Design & Updates

 Violet here!

So, my most sincere apologizes for not blogging in SO LONG! Do I have any readers left out there? 
I finally got around to posting, I was quite busy as this semester is coming to a close, I had exams to take! 

Let's start off with my blog! I finally updated everything on it, I made a new header, updated all the profiles and changed my theme and background. So far I really like how it turned out and I feel very refreshed after doing this, I had my last theme for awhile! I do enjoy changing and updating my blog every once in awhile. 
I do intend to blog more frequently, but no promises! I'm really bad at remembering to update every week or so, some of my friends seem so good at it!

Next, let's move on to updates and news. I had a pretty quiet summer, since I have off of school, I went back home and visited with my parents, which I enjoyed. I also hung out with my cousin a lot, if you didn't know, my cousin is named Celine and she was mentioned in my Easter post many months ago. We look identical and get along great. Her parents (My Aunt and Uncle) are divorced, so I don't get to see her as often as I'd like as my aunt lives in France, and my uncle lives in Canada, so Celine travels back and forth rather often.  
My school year began in September, and I have enjoyed this year so far. Nothing too exciting to say about it as of now, I'll tell you if anything exciting happens!

As I said, I will be updating more frequently as this year comes to a close, which sounds CRAZY because it seems like just yesterday that my best friend Lacey showed up unexpectedly with a plane ticket back to Alberta, which if you didn't know, happened in January. If you were wondering where Lacey is, well she left campus in June and went back to Canada. This school year she is living and studying in Italy! She is so lucky!

Goodbye for now! {And a photo of me taken recently, since I don't like just text posts, I HAVE to add a photo!} 


  1. Salut Violet!

    It is so good to hear from you! You are one of my favorite blogging friends, and I've missed your posts (not that I've been great about blogging, either, mind you!).

    I really like your new header and blog design. I really should change mine up, too, but I like it too much to do so.

    I'm glad you've been spending more time with Céline! You should post some photos of you two together on your blog. ;)

    Ton amie,

  2. Hello Violet!

    It's great to hear from you again after so long.
    I know I haven't commented on here before, but I've been reading your blog for a while and LOVE it! Your new design looks amazing, you did such a good job!

    Do you want to be friends? My name is Melody, and I'm almost 11 years old.

    My blog is:

    I share it with my dear Mother, but I will be getting my very own blog soon, because she thinks I am responsible enough now.