Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Room - December 2012

Hi there. It's Marion, and I'd like to show you my room!

 Here is my bed, it's very old, but don't worry, it is still comfortable!
 It has beautiful flower detail.
 Next to my bed is my dresser. It hold my clothes.
 On top I have a potted flower,
 My special rubber duck all the way from France, and a glass of water.
 I also have a jewelry box, it's extremely special. My father made it in a woodshop class, then gave it to my mother as a gift when he was older, and when I left France, she passed it along to me.
 Next I have a 1930s wooden rolltop desk. I don't have my own computer, so I do my homework here.
 It's very beautiful.
Last is a decorative chair, it's wicker and ties my room in nicely I think. 
You might have realized that I am not the regular poster, Violet, but we have decided to share this blog! You'll be hearing more from me later.

Love, Marion


  1. Salut, Marion, et bienvenue! D'où viens-tu à France? Where are you from in France? J'adore cet nom! Tu aimes cette actrice s'appelle Marion Cotillard?

    Ta chambre à coucher est très jolie! Thanks for sharing your bedroom with us; it's quite pretty!


    1. Salut, Sophie! Je suis originaire de la région de Strasbourg.

      I have not heard of Marion Cotillard, what movies has she starred in?
      De rien! I like your bedroom, too!

    2. Marion Cotillard is in a lot of things! Here lately, she's been in a ton of big Hollywood movies, like The Dark Knight Rises, Public Enemies, Midnight in Paris, Big Fish, A Good Year, Contagion, etc, etc.

  2. Ahh I love your room! =D
    J'aime ta chambre!

  3. Hello Marion!
    I LOVE your room! Especially the desk.
    I'd really like my own room, but right now I have to share with my Mother, my Aunt and my cousin. Also soon my sister Carmelina is coming to live with us, so then I shall have to share with her as well! Luckily it's a very big room though.