Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowy Days and Thoughtful walks.

Salut là!  It is me, Violet. Yes, I am finally back! 

Today I got tired of moving my dorm, and everyone fussing over how good their new room looks, so I got a break and went outside. I threw on a bow shirt that I got for Christmas, some leggings, and some furry Ugg boots and ran outside. I saw the beautiful white snow, and it suddenly hit me. I remembered running outside as a small child, with a big heavy scarf and big clangy boots. I remember my père telling me how to build a snowman, and instructing me to first make a huge snow ball, then a medium sized one, then a smaller one. I remembered us going in the woods and finding sticks to make the arms, and raiding Mama's sewing kit for buttons that act as the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

 As a breeze blew my hair, I turned against it and shivered. I remembered I had forgotten to grab a jacket on the way out, Mama would have reminded me.  I hated United States winters, they where cold, ruthless, and bothersome. All the people cared about is if the roads would be clear enough to go to the mall. Not in Canada, or at least in my town. The whole town came outside to sled and build snowmen, make snow angels, and not have a care in world if the streets would be clear enough.
 I picked up a small bit of snow and threw it into the wind. It wasn't the same.
I kept walking and stopped near a tree. I realized that I was now pretty much freezing, and walked my way back to my dorm. I was sad and home sick, when it was supposed to be a fun and exciting snow adventure.
I had never been home sick before, I had left Canada because I was SICK of cold winters, snowing all the time, and the kids at school. My parents enrolled me in the specialty school I now go to, kind of like a college for Junior High to High schoolers. I was certain this would be the last holiday in America - At least for a year.

~Violet E.


  1. Aww, Violet! You're so sad! :( I know how you feel, though. I was especially homesick last year at this time. I'd just gotten home from traveling, my best friend had left school without so much as a goodbye, and I really missed my family! Perhaps what you need is a trip home to visit your family? Maybe spend some time with friends?

    You're so lucky to have snow - even a little bit! You look very pretty out exploring it. The white snow contrasts nicely with your dark hair!


    1. Hi Sophie!
      Yeah, I'm pretty homesick. I could tell, your Christmas post from last year was sad, you must have really missed Nathalie. I have a best friend back home, I really miss her. I don't talk about her all that much because it makes me sad to think about it.

      I would love to travel home, but the plane tickets are way too far out of my budget, I can't afford it right now. Good idea, I will spend time with friends here!

      Thanks, Sophie.